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Every Body Yoga Therapy & Yogalates sessions provide the space for you to connect more fully with your own body, mind and spirit as well as to receive individual and personalised programs from Zoe Bentley.

Zoe is a qualified Yoga Therapist and Yogalates teacher who has had to work hard to overcome her own mental and physical health problems.

From a small studio in her home in Noosa, or in the comfort of your own home, Zoe can provide therapeutic sessions where every pose and practice can be adapted to suit your needs, working at your own pace.  Traditionally yoga was taught by one yoga guru to one student, always therapeutically. In modern times however, the number of students attending classes where only one teacher is available for a large group is common.  One-to-one sessions with individuals and very small groups enable people to achieve transformation and change in their lives. It requires some dedication, but it works!

What is Yoga Therapy?

Yoga Therapy is a healing discipline that complements western medicine. In recent years it has been fuelled by a growing body of scientific evidence supporting mind and body practices. This individually-prescribed health and wellness program integrates traditional yogic concepts and techniques including Asana (physical poses), Pranayama (breath work), Meditation, Mantra, Mudra, and Relaxation – to name but a few – within the realms of western medical and psychological knowledge.

What is Yogalates?

Yogalates is definitely the meeting place of east and west because it effectively merges the ancient practice of Yoga from the east with the core-stabilising, posture-enhancing dynamics of Pilates from the west.

Classes and Sessions with Zoe

Zoe is an experienced, qualified Yogalates teacher and a Yoga Therapist who has completed additional specialised studies in the therapeutic applications of yoga. Every Body Yoga Therapy & Yogalates classes are focused on reconnecting with yourself both physically and mentally and learning to find personal peace in our often chaotic world. In addition to gentle exercises and poses her classes will involve a centering practice, a warm-up, healing practice, cool-down, breath work and a meditation, relaxation or visualisation.

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